Blue Sky

Character: Carly Marshall

Directed by: Tony Richardson

Written by: Rama Laurie Stagner, Arlene Sarner, Jerry Leichtling

Produced by: John G. Wilson, Lynn Arost, Rama Laurie Stagner, Robert H. Solo

Cast Members: Tommy Lee Jones, Powers Boothe, Carrie Snodgress, Amy Locane

Released date: September 16, 1994

Genre: Drama, Romance

In the late 1950s, the U.S. Army assigns nuclear engineer Hank Marshall to an isolated weapons testing facility in Alabama. Hank causes waves with his superior officers due to his stance against the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons. Marshall's wife, Carly, further aggravates the situation because of her emotional instability and flirtatious nature. The move to Alabama sends her into the arms of base commander Vince Johnson.


• In a world of secrets, love is the most powerful weapon.


• Peter Rainer in ‘The Los Angeles Times’ described Jessica Lange’s Carly Marshal character as “a sort of cross between a Tennessee Williams hothouse violet–a deranged, damaged maiden–and a late ’50s/early ’60s glamorpuss in the Marilyn Monroe style”. Moreover, Caryn James in ‘The New York Times’ said “She models her behavior as well as her clothes (a series of tight strapless dresses) on that of movie stars like Marilyn Monroe”.
• Jessica Lange’s character, Carly Marshall, is based on the mother of screenwriter Rama Stagner-Blum. Her parents had a rocky relationship due to her father’s work in the army. Her mother, Gloria Lee Moore Stagner, divorced her father in real-life. Gloria died in 1982.
• The film has been notable for Jessica Lange appearing in this movie topless.
• Jessica Lange’s Best Actress Oscar win was this film’s only Oscar nomination.

Character’s Quotes

• I suppose we all have to grow old someday. I just don’t think you got to look bad in the process.
• Brigitte Bardot strips for millions, she’s a goddess. I sunbathe topless and I’m a scandal.
• There, you have said the secret word, and you qualify for a ride in my new convertible, come on sweet boy.

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