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Character: Tamora

Directed by: Julie Taymor

Written by: Julie Taymor, William Shakespeare

Produced by: Adam Leipzig, Brad Moseley, Conchita Airoldi, Ellen Dinerman Little, Jody Allen

Cast Members: Anthony Hopkins, Osheen Jones, Dario D'Ambrosi, Raz Degan

Released date: February 11, 2000

Genre: Drama, History, Thriller

Adaptation of Shakespeare's `Titus Andronicus', an epic revenge tragedy of brutal savagery based in Roman times. Titus the general returns to Rome victorious and decides to sacrifice the son of his enemy, the Goths, to appease the Roman dead. After the Queen of Goths pleads for her son's life to no avail, she sets out on a mission of retaliation that leaves few of the participants unscathed.


• If you think you know Shakespeare….Think again.
• The fall of an empire is nothing compared to the descent of man.
• The fall of an empire. The descent of man.
• If you think revenge is sweet…taste this.


• First Shakespeare performance of Jessica Lange.

Character’s Quotes

• Why do I have patience to endure all this?
• I’ll find a day to massacre them all and raze their faction and their family, the cruel father and his traitorous sons, to whom I sued for my dear son’s life, and make them know what ’tis to let a queen kneel in the streets and beg for grace in vain.
• The worst done to her the better loved of me.
• Had you not by wondrous fortune come, this vengeance on me had they executed! Revenge it, as you love your mother’s life or be ye not henceforth called my children!

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