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Take a look in the gallery for one production still and over 700 captures of Jessica Lange in Grey Gardens.

Based on a true story about a daughter and mother, both named Edith Bouvier Beale. Their story came to light in a 1975 documentary which captured the reclusive pair’s life in a decaying 28-room mansion in exclusive East Hampton, which they had hardly left for 50 years.

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We are almost getting to the end of this tour de force of posting Jessica Lange’s movies.
Today is the time for Bonneville, from 2006.

When her husband dies, Arvilla Holden (Jessica Lange) wants to scatter his ashes per his request. However, the daughter from his previous marriage intervenes, demanding that her father’s remains be placed in the family crypt in California. Arvilla decides to take a road trip there from her home in Idaho, along with her two very different friends, Margene (Kathy Bates) and Carol (Joan Allen). On the way, they scatter some of her husband’s ashes at various places visited during the marriage.

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Take a look in the gallery for HD screencaptures of Jessica Lange in the 2005 movie Don’t Come Knocking.

Howard Spence has seen better days. Once a big Western movie star, he now drowns his disgust for his selfish and failed life with alcohol, drugs and young women. If he were to die now, nobody would shed a tear over him, that’s the sad truth. Until one day Howard learns that he might have a child somewhere out there.

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And back to the movies from 2000 and on, here’s one TV Movie of Jessica Lange: Normal.

After a 25-year marriage to Irma (Jessica Lange), Roy Applewood (Tom Wilkinson) shocks his family when he reveals that he has a gender identity disorder. The Applewood family is further thrown into turmoil when Roy decides to have a sex change operation to relieve the pain of being trapped in a man’s body. Roy’s co-workers are baffled, his church rejects him and his son, Wayne (Joe Sikora), struggles with the humiliation of having a father who now goes by the name Ruth.

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As we get more captures done from 90’s movies of Jessica Lange, we are adding the to the site. Enjoy one more: Men Don’t Leave.

After her husband’s death, Beth Macauley (Jessica Lange) moves into an inexpensive Baltimore apartment with her two sons, Chris (Chris O’Donnell) and Matt (Charlie Korsmo). When Beth accepts a job at a local grocery store, Chris grows bitter and falls for an older woman (Joan Cusack), while 9-year-old Matt hides his grief behind a new interest in burglary. As the Macauleys adjust to their new life, they learn that sticking together is the only way to overcome their loss.

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Another movie from the 90’s with Jessica Lange that was missing from gallery before, take a look and enjoy!