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More movies from 2000s with Jessica Lange have been added to the gallery, take a look and enjoy!

Dr. Zach Riley (Aaron Eckhart) begins practicing at the Millwood Psychiatric Clinic — a mental health retreat where his deceased father, renowned children’s book author T.L. Pierson (Nick Nolte), was once interned. Riley finds an unlikely friend in Gabriel Finch (Ian McKellen), a disarming patient who forces him to examine himself. When Finch suggests that the fantastic land in Pierson’s classic book “Neverwas” is real, Riley begins a spellbinding investigation into his father’s work.

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Let’s move on in this updating of movies Jessica Lange played into. 2003, “Masked and Anonymous” as Nina Veronica.

A nation wracked with civil war and social unrest is looking forward to a giant charity concert, organized by deceptive concert promoter Uncle Sweetheart, who plans on raking in huge sums of money for himself from the event. Headlining is Jack Fate, a legendary musician serving time in prison, who is released with Sweetheart’s help. Meanwhile, journalist Tom Friend investigates the corrupt concert and tries to unmask the truth to the public.

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After we added stills some days ago, now it’s time for screencaptures of Jessica Lange in “A Thousand Acres”

A modern-day telling of King Lear. Larry Cook is the patriarch of a mid-Western farming dynasty who announces his desire to share the land between his three daughters, precipitating a list of crises that threaten to engulf the family.

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Let’s start with some 90s movies. Here is screencaptures of Jessica Lange from “Night and the City”

Harry Fabian (Robert De Niro) is a crooked lawyer running cons all over New York City. After he fails at a boxing scam, he finds himself in dire financial straits and takes a loan from a merciless moneylender named Mr. Peck (Eli Wallach). When he needs help paying Peck back, Harry turns to Helen (Jessica Lange), a married waitress he is sleeping with. He begins to plot one last con — that double-crosses many of his allies. With no friends left around town, Harry’s luck goes from bad to worse.

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One more from the late 80’s, Music Box.

Attorney Ann Talbot (Jessica Lange) leads the defense of a Hungarian immigrant accused of Nazi war crimes, Mike Laszlo (Armin Mueller-Stahl). But this isn’t just another case for her — Laszlo is her father. Ann is sure that he’s innocent, and intends to convince a jury that her client is the victim of a far-reaching Communist conspiracy. But, as she digs deeper into her father’s past, Ann discovers some startling secrets that open up new mysteries.

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Jessica Lange in 1986’s movie Crimes of the Heart

In this tearjerker based on a successful stage drama, an untimely death haunts a trio of sisters, yet their love proves stronger than any familial tragedy. Meg (Jessica Lange), Lenny (Diane Keaton) and Babe Magrath (Sissy Spacek) aren’t exactly mirror images of one another, as becomes clear through their dealings with Old Granddaddy (Hurd Hatfield). But when one of the siblings is pushed to the brink by desperation, they pull together during a makeshift reunion.